BlackEXPO Shanghai

BlackEXPO Shanghai

Shanghai BlackEXPO

Shanghai Black EXPO

The Liaison is proud to be an organizing sponsor for The Black EXPO  comes all the way from Beijing to Shanghai for the first time on Nov 25th. The BlackEXPO is an Art, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Food and Lifestyle festival that celebrates Black businesses and entertainers here in China by giving them a place to sell their products and showcase their talents! With over 15 performers and 30 vendors, this will be an amazing day of creativity, community, and connections. Everyone is welcome to come and join in for this cultural experience at Cotton’s on Anting Lu from 12 pm – 6 pm for RMB60 including 1 drink.

This event is The Liaison approved !! 

BlackEXPO is coming to Shanghai! 

We are excited to announce that on November 25th, 2018 we will kick off this inaugural event. After record success in Beijing and an exceptionally positive reception from the community in Beijing and around China, we knew it was time to bring the vibrant BlackEXPO experience to Shanghai.

Why come to BlackEXPO? Other than supporting the community, it is a chance to discover your new favorite artists, creatives, find that next head-turning outfit or accessory, taste the flavors of the world and simply make new friends with people from all over the world. You just might find that one new thing or service that you had no idea you needed, but after BlackEXPO you won’t be able to live without.

What to expect?

First and foremost you will find a market brimming with wonderful products, ranging from jewelry, fashion, beauty, food, drinks, and wellness services.

Great performers, both local and from other parts of China and the world. Experience a different culture through song, poetry, and dance.

Equally signature to BlackEXPO is the atmosphere. When you cross the threshold of the venue you will be transported to a land of joy, love, laughter, grooves, and all around good vibes. It is an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of race, nationality, or ethnic background can find something they enjoy and identify with.

And we can’t forget the workshops! Every BlackEXPO features workshops to that help the whole person, from fitness, mindsets, finance, and so much more BlackEXPO is a place to learn and grow.

What is BlackEXPO?

BlackEXPO was born out of a simple desire; to illuminate the positive contributions of the community here in China. There was a need for a platform to highlight our businesses and a need for space to grow together as friends, community, and supporters. BlackEXPO was put forth to fulfill that need and have a good time while doing it.

More than just a market, BlackEXPO is a vibrant cultural experience placing the spotlight on the community and businesses, services, and talents therein.


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